Do you want to become a part of the next generation of Sustainability Influencers?

Now is the time to apply for one of the spots on the team. With the first year of Sustainability Influencers shooting through the roof of excitement and engagement, we are ready to reach even further.

You have until the 6th of October to apply and there is plenty of reason to do so.

“Being part of the Sustainability Influencers team has so far been the best experience during my stay as a student in Denmark! My network expanded enormously linking me to people who care about sustainable solutions and work towards achieving SDGs. It has actually led directly to my new student job.” – Says Maja Michalewska from University of Copenhagen.

During the past year the Sustainability Influencers have been sharing knowledge and inspiration on the SDG’s at more than 20 different events. They have created a baseline analysis on how the universities are doing on sustainability within their educations and they have reached more than 5000 people. It has been an amazing journey with a lot of amazing experiences and learnings on the way.

Sustainability Influencers is powered by Student & Innovation House and Tuborgfondet.

Find more information about the application here