Speech on UN’s 73rd birthday

On October 24 2019, when Copenhagen Business School hosted the celebration of the UN’s 73rd birthday, the Sustainability Influencers, represented by Luna and Mikkel, gave an inspiring speech on the importance of bringing in youth when trying to solve the global challenges.


Recognize by Clinton Global Initiative

The Sustainability Influencers Program has been recognized by Bill Clintons Global Initiative. This has meant that the Sustainability Influencers Freja, Christina and Shantel have been following a mentorship program providing them with leadership skills to help improve the Sustainability Influencers Program.


Greentech Awards

In 2019 the sustainability Influencers Program was a top-3 nominee in the category "Rising Stars" at the prestigious GreenTech Award at GreenTech Festival in Berlin


Present at D:PULSE

D:PULSE is the global business conference network with sustainable impact. The Influencers were invited to Zurich to share their efforts in ensuring a sustainable future.


EU Green Energy Week

The Sustainability Influencers were invited to participate at the Green Energy Week in june 2019. Our influencer Sara who had a Bachelors degree in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering travelled to Brussels to participate and represent the youth.


Report on students and sustainability

Sustainability Influencers Luna and Laurits wrote a report about students’ knowledge about and attitude towards sustainability both at their university and in job situations.


Podcast With CBS Wire

Three of our Sustainability Influencers were invited as podcast guests at CBS Wire to share their view on the progress in achieving the UN SDGs – from cars in Zambia, to the climate to the fashion industry!


Virtual Career Fair

On 20 March 2019, the Sustainability Influencers co-hosted a Virtual Career Fair together with Graduateland.