Who you are :

  • We don’t care if you are a data scientist or a data analysis expert, what matters to us is that you are thrilled by research and data analysis work, especially if is in the field of sustainability. You enjoy to be independent in the development of your researches and in the search of answers to unanswered questions or collect data to better analyze a situation. turn facts & figures into understandable and interesting results.

Why you should join:

  • Have you always wondered how you could help in the achievement of the UN 17 SDGs? Do you also believe that data collection & management is one of the biggest issues when dealing with sustainability? (Especially at the companies’ level?) If your answers were YES, you should apply immediately. We will give you the possibility to share the knowledge of the SDGs. We will give you the tools to lead projects, led by students for students for the achievement of a sustainable development.

What to expect  from the program:

  • From this position you’ll develop your project management & analytical skills by taking the lead of your own work inside the program and by analyzing scientific & market data.
  • You’ll develop your problem-solving skills and project management skill by deciding yourself how to lead your work and what cases to examine.
  • You’ll develop your IT skills by turning your facts & figures into Power Point Presentation and Excel tables & graphs.
  • You’ll develop good team building skills by cooperating with 20+ more students.
  • You’ll develop good communication skills by involving political & educational institutions & engaging International stakeholders.
  • Last but not last, you’ll get a reference and a great professional experience to add to your CV, in addition to increasing your network.