About the Project:

In the quest to improve mobility in the capital region of Denmark and make it more sustainable, we have partnered with Region H to mobilize students and provide our suggestions on how we want the future of mobility to look like. The purpose of this project, is to bring together students from different educational backgrounds who will build a Hackathon in partnership with Region H and other vital partners with different areas of expertise. For this we will need students with different interest e.g. Business Development, Entrepreneurship Communication, Mobility, Transport, Design, Technology, IOT, Software Engineering, Energy, City Planning, Event Management you name it! This will not be just another Hackathon, the goal is to keep the innovative ideas alive! Region H wishes to continuously engage students in their work, hence it will be possible to further explore your idea through support and partnership with Region H, who are eager to test the innovate solutions that we, the students, bring forward.

Who are you:

  • You are a student with a futuristic mindset who has high ambitions for the sustainability agenda no matter the topic. You have an innovative mindset and you are intrigued by cutting edge solutions. You have an entrepreneurial mindset and great problem-solving skills. Last but not least you are a great team player who is good at compromising and creating space for interdisciplinary knowledge sharing.

Why should you join:

  • You should join this track if you want to gain knowledge on the effects of ineffective mobility, and how improving this can foster a more sustainable transportation system. You should join the track, if you want be part of leading an army of students who want to drive impact in an area that will have cruel consequences in the future if it is not reinvented to propel sustainable development.

What can you expect from being part of this track:

  • As the organizer of 2020’s most ambitious and innovative Hackathon, you will gain knowledge on how to work with largely funded projects aiming to solve serious problems related to sustainability.
  • You will be able to let your innovative mind go crazy; the sky is the limit.
  • You will work closely with experts within mobility, city planning and sustainability.
  • You will improve your leadership skills
  • You will get hands-on experience with planning, executing and evaluating large projects.
  • You will gain knowledge on how to work with different stakeholders in different projects.
  • You’ll develop great communication skills by involving political & educational institutions & engaging International stakeholders.