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Mikkel Beyer MogensenSustainability Influencer 2018/19

Do you want to join the backbone of Sustainability Influencers?


We are looking for driven students with interest in sustainability to join the management team of the Sustainability Influencers program. From being part of the management, you will gain experience within Project Management, Community Management, Event Planning, Communication, Organization and much more. You will gain an extensive network comprising pioneers within sustainability, as well as get to network within influential individuals in the field of sustainability.

If you are curious to know more, write to Shantel.m@sdgadvocates.dk or read more below:

We have following roles open:

  • Head of Business Relations and Finance, this role includes:
    • Reach out to relevant companies and organizations who have sustainability at their core.
    • Support the Sustainability Influencers, by helping them find partners for events and funding.
    • Help outline the economic outlook for the program.
    • Help plan workshops.
  • Head of Community Management, this role includes:
    • Help the Sustainability Influencers structure and plan the year in terms of what they want to pursue.
    • Schedule check in meetings, to follow up on their commitments to impact.
    • Help research and arrange attendance to conferences, talks and other activities related to SDGs and Sustainability.
    • Help plan workshops.
  • Program Manager, this role includes:
    • Outlining and planning educational workshops for the year.
    • Reaching out to speakers and scheduling dates for workshops.
    • Planning workshops and check in-meetings together with the rest of the management team.

Application deadline: July 5th 
Your application must include half a page on your motivation and your CV.
Please send your application to: shantel.m@sdgadvocates.dk
The positions are voluntary.