Become a Sustainability Influencer

What do we want to achieve with this programme?

  • To personally develop you as a change agent within sustainability
  • To raise awareness about the SDGs amongst students
  • To inspire and create a community empowering fellow students to work towards the SDGs
  • To initiate co-creation and innovation between multiple disciplines 

How is it organised, and what is my role?

  • Meeting every month
  • Collaborate with Station and other partners on initiatives and events
  • Lead by example and share your knowledge and opinions
  • Build relationships and expand the network of SDG interested on and around campuses
  • Attend events about sustainability

What do you require from me?

  • Current student in Copenhagen with the ability to commit to the programme
  • Proactive as a person and good at interacting with surroundings
  • Both good at working independently and collaboratively  
  • Open-minded, compassionate, and a person of integrity
  • Passionate about the UN SDGs, sustainability, and change-making
  • Good communication- and interpersonal skills
  • A good sense of humour is always appreciated!
  • Flexible and willing to attend meetings and key dates

How will I benefit from such a role?

  • Personal development and experience as a change agent
  • Broaden your (SDG) network and access to key sustainability practitioners
  • Expand your knowledge on sustainability
  • Access to selected external conferences and other events of interest
  • Work with like-minded, passionate and proactive change agents

You can apply to become a influencer within 4 tracks namely Communication, Events, Research and through a special project about futuristic green mobility in partnership with Region H. Read more about the tracks below before beginning your application. Be aware that you should be able to participate in the first workshop on  November 14th, Saturday. 

Influence Tracks




Hackathon: Futuristic and Sustainable Mobility

Now start your application!

We suggest that you copy your answers into a separate document as you answer questions in the application, in case you lose connection.
Use the arrows to in the bottom-right corner to review and edit you answers.
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