Stories from Africa

This Monday, 26 November, we hosted our first event. The event was held to raise awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 8: Decent Work. Two young people from Kenya and Tanzania shared their stories and how they work with issues such as proper working conditions. Moreover, they shared their take on opportunities for development and education in their own countries.
From the stories, we learned that half of the young students drop out of school before high school and that those who completed high school and longer educations are forced to work under poor conditions with a low income. Both of our speakers came from organizations that help youth with completing educations through mentorships. Furthermore, they collaborate with FIC to raise awareness about the challenges related to UN SDG no. 8.’
After the two presentations, we discussed SDG no. 8. Where a key question was whether working under poor conditions, is better than no work at all. This, amongst others, shows that businesses must take their responsibility seriously when they have extended supply chains with production or other facilities placed in developing countries.
This event was hosted in collaboration with the Forum for International Cooperation (FIC) and their partners from their East Africa program. FIC is a non-profit corporation that fights for social, economic and democratic rights for those with few resources. FIC is drawing attention to the positive impacts of access to decent work and information on employee rights (Global Goal 8).