Our mission

The mission of the Sustainability Influencers is simple. We want to mobilise, engage and empower young people to take action on sustainability issues. The influencers wish to have a broad influence on important institutions in society and actively participate in the sustainability debate, interact with students and professionals, participate in workshops and events, and engage with key sustainability practitioners.

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Who are we?

We are 21 students with different educational backgrounds and nationalities all sharing the same agenda: to mobilise, engage and empower young people to act on sustainability issues. We break down silo thinking and instead foster co-creation, innovation and collaboration between multiple disciplines.

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Digitalization and Fintech in Sub-Saharan Africa – Opinion Piece

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This opinion peace aims to shed light on few of many business opportunities that can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you are a digital savvy with dreams of using…

Opinion Piece

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The European Green Deal and Energy Democracy Ten years from now we will likely look back upon this decade and this new European project with a resounding sense of success…

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Application is Closed!

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During the past year the Sustainability Influencers have been sharing knowledge and inspiration on the SDG's at more than 20 different events. They have created a baseline analysis on how…

Application Deadline

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Now is the time to apply for one of the spots on the team. With the first year of Sustainability Influencers shooting through the roof of excitement and engagement, we…

“The younger generation immediately understands the importance of the 2030-agenda, and they have the abilities to achieve the level of change required. This is why I welcome the Sustainability Influencers initiative”

Kirsten Brosbøl Chair of the Danish Government's Cross-Party Network for the UN Sustainable Development Goals